Shipping Issues

I figured that with the thousands of hits daily I’m getting here, this would be the best place to duplicate this announcement.

If you have ordered but did not receive a Robert Steven’s Replica Bonsai Pot or if you were a winner of the 2009 AoB Awards and did not receive the prize of a pot as announced, please email me once with your name and shipping address.

This information will be verified against my personal records and if orders were not shipped, they will be shipped promptly. If my records show that your pot/pots have been shipped, I will email you supporting documentation.

Notice to the frauds that have been emailing me claiming non-shipment of orders that were never placed, all you need is your paypal receipt for confirmation, no other forms of payment were accepted and no other proof will be accepted.


The following people have pots coming and have been verified:

Morten Albek (1 pot for best shohin in the AoB Awards)

 D. J. MARTIN (1 pot for best display in the AoB Awards)

Walter Pall (3 npots for Best Conifer, Best Bonsai landscape, and the Grand Prize in the AoB Awards)

Christine Hayward (Pot ordered and not received)

 Lynn Fabian (Pot ordered and not received)

I am unable to contact the following prize winner:

Nacho Marlin

If anyone knows this individual, please have them email me as soon as possible to claim their prizes.


Still waiting for word in any other customers who are awaiting pots, I believe all are listed above so shipping will commence soon.

I also posted photos of some remaining inventory to counter some false rumors at

Shipped the following pots today:

Christine Hayward (Ordered) USA
Morten Albek (Prize) Denmark
Dave Martin (Prize) UK
Valentin Scordaliu (Prize) Romania
Lynn Fabian (Ordered) USA

Any other pots won as prized or ordered but not received will be shipped out within the next week.

About Will Heath

Will Heath is a bonsai author, critic, literati, and humorist intent on dragging bonsai into the realm of fine art.
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