Will Heath (USA), is an outdoorsman, archer, and amateur mycologist who first became enamored with bonsai by following his desire to capture pieces of nature he observed while in the forests of Michigan.

He is an active editor and co-founder of both the Art of Bonsai Project and the Knowledge of Bonsai forum. He has created and managed over a dozen Internet bonsai contests, many of which have set records for participation and which have been credited with setting a new standard for Internet bonsai contests. The first contests of their kind to bring in major bonsai magazine sponsors, they have been hailed as being the best contests on the web and are translated and discussed world-wide.

He has given workshops and demonstrations at the Michigan All State Show for six consecutive years, he has taught bonsai classes that were accredited for the Michigan Master Gardener Program, and he is currently teaching introduction to bonsai classes for accredited community college continuing education classes. He also recently had the honor of editing Robert Steven’s new book, “Mission of Transformation.”

As a prolific writer, his thought-provoking and sometimes controversial articles are often credited with changing the way people view bonsai. His articles and humorous stories have been published in Bonsai Today, the American Bonsai Society Journal, BCI Magazine, Bonsai Focus, Unione Bonsaisti Italiani, and in newsletters around the world.


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